Training Information
Authorized Format:

The EMDR Association of Hong Kong is the only body in Hong Kong which provides the authorized format of training designed by the originator of EMDR Therapy, Francine Shapiro, PhD. The training leaders (both trainers and facilitators) are certified by the EMDR Institute and follow the training program which has been taught by Francine Shapiro since 1990.
The Basic Training is offered on an annual basis and usually takes place during the summer.

The EMDR Basic Training Course consists of two parts. Each part lasts for three consecutive days. Both parts include didactic and supervised practice sections.

Part- I: Professional level training in a mental health, medical, social work, counseling field, and with 2-3 years’ experience in one-to-one counseling.
(If this is the first time to join EMDR Training, applicant should take Part-I Training only)
Part- II: Having completed Part I training and at least three (3) Group Sharing and Case Consultation (GSCC) sessions of two hours each conducted by our qualified trainers/facilitators.

Certificate of Attendance:

For Part-I trainees: Successful completion of all three-day Part-I training
For Part-II trainees: Successful completion of all three-day Part-II training, AS WELL AS completion of six (6) GSCC sessions (total of 12 hours) within one year from Part-II training.