Join The EMDR Association of Hong Kong

By joining the EMDR Association of Hong Kong you will become a member of the group of people in the caring profession who are interested in, and using EMDR in their practices. Apart from affiliating with this group both locally and internationally you will get the following benefits:

  1. A free access to our Forum located on our website through which you will be able to view messages posted on the board and actively participate by writing your own questions and answers. This mechanism will facilitate your use of EMDR and also will get you access to ideas, issues and notifications on events related to your profession to be held in Hong Kong as well as in the international community.
  2. A discounted participation fee in our EMDR group Sharing and Case Consultation (GSCC) sessions, which are held several times a year in Hong Kong and led by our local Trainers/Facilitators who are qualified by the EMDR Institute USA.
  3. A reduced fee to all events organized by the Association such as seminars and workshops.
  4. A priority in registration to EMDR training.

* Membership is for one year: from 1 January till 31 December and needs to be renewed annually.

* Starting 2015 – membership will be from 1  July  to 30  June of next year. Current members who paid membership until Dec. 2015, their membership will be automatically extended till 30 June 2016. 

How do I join?

To join just download the application form and follow the instructions within.